Making your way through the wealth of teeth replacement options available to you may begin to feel confusing rather than exciting. When this happens, we encourage you to consider the basics of a dental prosthetic to first determine whether it suits your needs and move on from there. For instance, have you been considering a dental bridge to restore your smile? If so, it is important to start by thinking about the reasons you may choose a bridge. For instance, will it address your configuration of tooth loss? Will it accommodate your particular needs? Learn more about reasons to choose a bridge with the following:

Your Tooth Loss Pattern Qualifies

A good reason to choose a dental bridge is if it addresses your particular type of tooth loss, which may include the following: One missing tooth, two missing teeth that sit side-by-side, or three missing teeth in a row. The bridge will fill the open space, so your smile looks beautiful and complete. You will not, however, be able to choose a bridge if your smile’s missing teeth do not rest side-by-side.

You’re Tired of Your Partial Denture

Have you been wearing a partial denture to address your tooth loss and you have become tired of the drawbacks? Partials offer a wonderful solution to individuals seeking a removable prosthetic. However, if you are unhappy with the level of stability you receive, you may wish to change to a dental bridge instead. Due to its fixed nature, you will enjoy excellent support and will not need to take the device in-and-out of your mouth to eat or for dental hygiene.

You Are Worried About Misalignment

An opening in your smile may cause the teeth that are still present to move. The shift will not be quick but it may cause your current alignment to change as your natural teeth begin migrating into the opening. A dental bridge will fill the space, acting as a placeholder, so your teeth stay put.


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