Restorative dentistry is an important part of dental care. Restoring your smile can be important not only to appearance, but to the health and function of your teeth. Your dentist can help care for minor issues such as cavities and small chips. Your dentist can also complete a full restoration of your smile to get you full strength and function. A complete restoration may involve multiple visits with extra attention from dental specialists in conjunction with your dentist. Teeth that have been affected by damage or decay or even teeth that are missing could be helped with restorative care. 

Types of restoration

With advancements in dental technology, restorative dentistry can take care of more issues than ever before. Composite fillings can stop decay in a tooth with a cavity. If a cavity progresses without care, it may require care through root canal therapy. After a root canal treatment, a dental crown or bridge is often required. If decay progresses with a root canal, an extraction may be a necessary option. After an extraction, a dental implant can help restore the functionality of your teeth and keep your jawbone from experiencing bone loss. If you are missing multiple teeth, dentures or partial dentures can be used to get your mouth back to full function.

Importance of restorative care

A missing tooth can cause bone loss. It can cause problems with chewing and speaking. It can cause more chewing to be done by your other teeth leaving them susceptible to problems. Tooth decay can be stopped before it leads to a missing tooth. Regular visits to your dentist is crucial to your oral healthcare.

Restorative dentistry can get your smile back to smiling

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