Different factors can affect how susceptible you are to tooth decay, and those factors can change over time. That means while you previously had considerable luck when it came to preventing dental problems, that luck can go away. Some people see their cavity risk raise because the enamel on their teeth has worn down over time. For others, dietary changes can have an impact, as can conditions like dry mouth. If you want to stay on top of your oral care, and avoid problems that demand restorative dental work, make sure you see your dentist for regular visits. You will receive professional cleanings at each session, and the evaluation can turn up small problems, so that you can enjoy care before that small problem turns into something bigger.

A Poor Diet, And Poor Oral Care Habits, Can Raise Your Cavity Risk

If you want to immediately address your cavity risk, think about your current diet, and your brushing and flossing habits. The oral bacteria that build up in a person’s mouth thrive on sugars, and feeding those bacteria can raise your cavity risk. If you neglect to floss, or you practice poor brushing habits, developing problems are left unaddressed, meaning you can be especially vulnerable to tooth decay.

Avoid Serious Cavities By Keeping Up With Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits offer important protection for your smile, and make it less likely you will have an issue serious enough to call for a root canal treatment. That being said, these visits tackle more than just cavities. Your dentist can talk to you about teeth grinding, or any TMJ issues you are experiencing. You are also given a regular visual examination to watch for signs of oral cancer.