Can you recall the last time you visited your dentist? Do you have your next appointment scheduled? Regular dental checkups address your oral health, and offer a detailed cleaning of your teeth. Typically, a patient should visit every six months. When you forgo dental checkups, and only see the dentist when something is wrong, you miss out on receiving important evaluations and services. A routine checkup can address issues beyond tooth decay, including a check for signs of oral cancer. When you wait until a problem arises with your teeth, it may be too late to make fixes with simpler treatments.

The Benefits Of Regular Dental Checkups

Dental checkups look for several potential concerns. Your dentist can help address teeth grinding (referred to as bruxism). You can also receive assistance for sleep apnea. In addition to cleaning your teeth, a checkup is an opportunity to receive preventive services. If your dentist determines that you carry a higher risk for cavity development, you may be a good candidate to have dental sealants placed on your teeth. Sealants add a protective buffer over your teeth that helps prevent bacteria and food debris from accumulating on them.

The Problem With Postponing Dental Treatment

If you think of the dentist as someone to visit when you have a problem like a painful tooth, you can miss your opportunity for a simpler remedy. If your dentist identifies a cavity on your teeth during a routine inspection, it may only need a filling to eliminate it. However, a cavity that has become painful may have reached your pulp – the pulp houses the living tissue that sustains your tooth, and an infection in this area requires a root canal.