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Think Dental Implants Aren’t For You? Think Again.

When you lose a tooth, the underlying bone tissue begins to degenerate at a rapid pace. After just one year, the bone could have experienced as much as a 25% loss of width, and long term studies have shown that the bone surrounding a lost tooth continues to lose mass throughout a person’s lifetime. While… Read more »

Doubts About Dentures? Mansfield Dentists Dispel Myths

The earliest known replacements for teeth date back to approximately 2500 B.C. when some ingenious would-be dentist thought to substitute animal teeth (usually from dogs or wolves) for those lost to tooth decay and infection. Throughout the years, people used anything and everything to restore missing teeth, including wood, ivory, and teeth extracted from human cadavers. Thankfully, dentists Dr…. Read more »

Mansfield, TX Dentist Discusses Dental Implants for Teenagers

Would you like to know about dental implants and teen oral health? Then take care to read today’s blog post. Here, Dr. S. Blair Jones, your Mansfield, TX dentist, discusses how some teenagers may qualify for a dental implants. Can Teenagers Receive Dental Implants? When an older patient endures tooth loss, they often turn to… Read more »

Simple Truths about Dental Implants, from Your Mansfield, TX Dentist

Have you considered getting dental implants? If you’ve answered yes, then this article may prove quite beneficial for you. Many patients who would like implants, don’t know much about the procedure or the tooth replacement itself. To help those patients wanting implants, Dr. S. Blair Jones, your Mansfield, TX dentist shares some facts about dental… Read more »

Mansfield, TX Dentist Suggests Some Partial Denture Alternatives

As tooth replacement options go, partial dentures prove quite popular amongst patients with one or just a few missing teeth. Though this solution may seem simple, partials require diligent cleaning and general care. Your Mansfield, TX dentist, Dr. S. Blair Jones provides alternative solutions to partial dentures to ensure his patients make the correct tooth… Read more »

Mansfield Dentists on the Benefits of Mini Implants

Do you need missing teeth replaced? You may think your only choices are dentures or dental bridges. Dentures can slip when speaking or eating, and come with messy adhesives. Dental bridges work, but require a reduction in your healthy teeth to support the new bridge. Your Mansfield dentists, Dr. Blair Jones and Dr. Seth Harris,… Read more »

Mansfield Dentists Discuss Dental Implants

A lost tooth means more than a gaping hole in your smile. It also can lead to jawbone malnourishment, teeth shifting, and ultimately, more tooth loss. Many people find traditional dentures to be an inadequate , uncomfortable solution. For those patients, dental implants might be the best option for not only restoring the smile, but… Read more »