Problems will persist after losing a tooth. With just one missing, you can lose confidence in your smile and also experience bite difficulties. Over time, that untreated absence can make it harder for you to manage your oral health, and it can even be more difficult for you to avoid further losses over time! Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you address this matter. Through implant dentistry, we are able to permanently secure replacement teeth. In doing so, we can provide a cosmetic solution as well as care that can restore your bite function and dental health.

How Has Tooth Loss Impacted Your Life?

It can be frustrating to live with tooth loss. Unfortunately, the longer you go without treating the matter, the more likely you are to experience more complications over time. That can lead to difficulties with more losses, as teeth that surround an absence have less support. You can also have difficulties because you are not able to bite and chew in a way that feels natural. Over time, another concern you will have to address is the loss of jawbone density. This occurs when the roots of teeth are not present to provide stimulation in the bone.

Planning The Restoration Of Your Smile With An Implant-Held Appliance

After an evaluation to confirm that you are ready for the placement of your dental implant, we can begin the process of giving you back your complete smile! Implant placement requires careful oral surgery to set the small titanium post directly in the space where your tooth’s roots were formerly situated. After that occurs, you will go through a period for recovery. Following this, you can come to our office to have a durable, lifelike prosthetic appliance put in place!

Keep Up With Dental Care After Your Smile Is Restored

Whether you have gone through the process of having a single tooth replaced or had a larger restoration secured, you should take care to preserve your overall oral health after prosthetic treatment. You can do this at home by keeping up with regular dental exams and cleanings. To further protect yourself, make sure that you also keep up with your routine dental exams! These visits provide you with care that includes preventive services as well as early warnings and treatments whenever there are problems that need to be resolved.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Implant Dentistry!

Through implant dentistry, we can take on problems with your health and appearance that stem from unresolved issues with tooth loss. The sooner you take care of the gap in your smile, the sooner you can resolve the different difficulties associated with your condition. If you would like to find out more or book your next visit, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX today at 817-473-6227!