After you lose teeth, you can experience cosmetic and oral health issues that lead to real frustration. Rather than continue to feel self-conscious about how this problem has affected you, talk to your Mansfield, TX dentist’s office about the role that implant dentistry can play in improving how you look, as well as in improving your oral health! Through the placement of a permanent restoration held with a dental implant, you can feel better about your smile as well as your oral health. To ensure that your care is successful, your dentist will perform careful examinations to ensure that your implants are properly set to provide long-term support and stability.

How Has Tooth Loss Impacted Your Life?

It can be hard to ignore the effect that tooth loss is having on your daily life. It robs you of your complete and confident smile, and it can create problems for your bite function. Over time, it can also lead to the onset of new issues. Those issues include problems with the loss of more teeth, as you will lack stability for those next to empty spaces. Another worry is over the health of your jawbone, which loses density over time when it is no longer stimulated by the roots of your teeth. The sooner you take action and have your smile completely restored, the sooner you can regain confidence in your health and appearance!

Planning Treatment To Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Through careful planning and the use of 3D imaging technology, we can assess the precise location for your dental implant (or several implants when necessary). This will lead to the creation of an advanced placement map that makes treatment easier to perform. After the implant itself is set, you will be given time to heal; as you recover, the surrounding jawbone tissues will actually fuse to provide remarkable support. Once you are ready, you will return to have the implant restored with a custom dental crown that offers bite support and cosmetic benefits.

The Long-Term Value Of Implant Dentistry

An implant-held crown can restore the quality of your smile and improve your bite. This can lead to welcome changes in your quality of life by reducing your risk for tooth loss, keeping your jawbone healthy, and letting you enjoy a more varied diet! During dental exams, we can check on the status of the restoration and your remaining teeth to help you keep your smile in great shape!

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Implant Dentistry

Through implant dentistry, patients can regain their complete smiles. As welcome as it can be to make this cosmetic change, you can also look forward to the role that this work can play in restoring your oral health and dental function! If you would like to find out more about the benefits to treating tooth loss in this way, reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX today at 817-473-6227!