Teeth stains can prove difficult to fight. While you efforts to prevent cavities and gum disease can also help you remove particles that stain teeth, you can have a tough time completely protecting your enamel against discoloration. Even with a store bought whitening kit, it may be difficult for you to address this problem in a way that satisfies you. Fortunately, your Mansfield, TX dentist is prepared to help. A custom whitening treatment, or an in-office procedure to fight stains, can give you exciting cosmetic improvements. Our practice can also work with you to address problems with discoloration caused by something other than stains.

Are You Growing Concerned About Your Teeth Stains?

It is difficult to remain confident in a smile affected by discoloration. As your teeth start to appear dull, yellowed, or discolored in some other way, you can appear less healthy. The problem can also cause you to appear older than you are. Because so many popular drinks and foods can leave stains behind, this can be a difficult issue to avoid completely. If you feel that the problem calls for action, and you are not satisfied by the improvements made by an over the counter product, talk to your dentist about professional cosmetic treatment. The right approach to professional whitening treatment can give you exciting improvements in less time than you expect!

Discussing Teeth Whitening Treatment Options

You have the option to take home a whitening kit from our practice that you can use at your convenience to fight stains, or you can schedule an in-office procedure to fight discoloration. Each of these approaches can deliver terrific improvements. With the take-home kits, patients are given advanced bleaching agents as well as trays that they can use to more easily apply them. After two to three weeks of daily applications, you can marvel at how your smile has improved. With your in-office treatment, we use chemicals instead of harsh lights to safely stimulate your bleaching agents and speed up the whitening process.

You May Need To Address Something Other Than Stains

The issues you have with discoloration may concern more than just enamel stains. When you have problems with your tooth structure that affect your smile color, you can discuss other cosmetic dental treatments with your dentist. Those other services include treatment with porcelain veneers to take care of intrinsic discoloration as well as problems with the shape, size, and condition of teeth. We can also make positive changes to your enamel by performing a tooth bonding procedure.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you want to do something about your dull, discolored smile, talk to your Mansfield, TX dentist about a whitening treatment! To learn more, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227.