How worried should you be about tartar formation? Is this substance more harmful to you than plaque? If you let plaque buildup remain in place for too long, the deposits will harden and form tartar. When this happens, the substance will remain in place until your next dental exam and cleaning. Simply put, your toothbrush and dental floss are not capable of clearing away tartar formation, which is something your hygienist addresses. The good news is that when tartar buildup is removed, you protect yourself from potential problems like tooth decay and gum disease! Preventive visits at our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office provide many benefits, including protection against tartar accumulation.

Why Tartar Buildup Should Worry You

You can remove plaque deposits when you brush and floss your teeth. One reason why you should make a point of brushing and flossing frequently is so that you can take care of plaque buildup before tartar buildup becomes an issue. The more harmful deposits that you have gathering on your teeth, the more you have to worry about issues that might call for restorative dental work in the future. Because tartar removal calls for care from your hygienist, you can leave yourself at risk for more accumulation when you do not schedule routine appointments regularly.

How Your Dental Visits Help You Protect Your Smile

At every general dental visit, your teeth are cleaned by your hygienist and carefully studied by your dentist. The cleaning performed at every appointment removes harmful debris and lowers your risk for future issues with cavities and gum disease. Clearing away visible accumulations of tartar will also help your smile. By examining you, your dentist can catch any problems that may have formed since your last appointment. Hopefully, there will not be any issues to discuss – if there are, we can provide treatment before you have to worry about complications!

Protecting Your Teeth From Tartar Buildup Between Appointments

What kind of daily routine should you follow if you want to avoid problems over time? By brushing at least two times a day, and flossing each night before you go to bed, you can protect yourself against the buildup of plaque that can stop you from experiencing plaque buildup. Remember that these habits are meant to protect you against gum disease as well as tooth decay. In order to do this, you should be consistent about cleaning at the base of your teeth when you brush and floss.

Arrange Smile Care With Your Mansfield, TX Dentist!

Through regular dental visits and consistent care at home, you can protect yourself from problems that impact your appearance and well-being. One of the reasons to schedule routine oral health services is to receive helpful protection against tartar formation. To find out more about how we can protect you against tartar and other problems, reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227.