Is it really possible to make significant smile changes with a single cosmetic dental procedure? Because our Mansfield, TX dental office provides treatment with porcelain veneers, we can dramatically change the shape, size, and color of your teeth through just one treatment, one that minimizes changes to your tooth structure. Veneers are thin shells made of a strong porcelain substance. While they only take up a limited amount of space on your teeth, they are capable of improving their shape, size, and color. While this procedure is effective under many circumstances, it is just one of several we offer to those who want to change the way they look when they smile!

How Can Veneers Help You?

Veneers cover the fronts of teeth. They require less space and preparatory work than dental crowns, which completely cover teeth above the gum line, but they are still able to make significant changes to the way you look. When a tooth receives its veneer, it can look larger, be free of visible chips and cracks, appear more even, and look brighter! The veneers you receive will be custom-made so that your dentist can address the specific issues that have bothered you about the way you look.

Receiving Your Personalized Porcelain Veneers

When you start plans to restore your smile with veneers, your dentist will closely measure your teeth, and perform minor preparatory work so that there is room available for them. At the time when your veneers are ready, you will go in for treatment to have them bonded in place. The bonding process is permanent, and your veneers can reliably stay in place through the years. Their durable design ensures that they remain stable and secure even through years of daily biting and chewing.

You Have Multiple Options For Treatment If You Want To Improve Your Smile

Are you eager to look into cosmetic dentistry, but curious about other treatment options? One thing we can recommend is tooth bonding treatment, a procedure that covers flaws without capping your tooth with a restoration. Through tooth bonding, we can change the shape, size, and color of teeth in as little as one appointment. We also offer teeth whitening treatment for those who worry that teeth stains have made their smile look dull and less attractive. The whitening agents available through your dentist can address stains that have proven difficult to address.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist’s Office About Porcelain Veneers!

Our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is ready to help if you feel embarrassed by smile flaws. With porcelain veneers, we can take care of your appearance by covering issues with discoloration, dental damage, and more! To find out more about our services, or to discuss treatment with veneers, please call Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227.