If you have an interest in cosmetic dental work because you want to address specific flaws, or because you feel that your smile is just not as attractive as it could be, porcelain veneers can help. These restorations are effective under many different circumstances, and they can produce changes for people who have ambitious goals for smile improvement. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can walk you through the benefits of using veneers to restore or improve your appearance. With that said, this is one of several cosmetic dental procedures that we offer, so we can work with you on finding the procedure that is best equipped to help you achieve the smile you want!

Porcelain Veneers Are Effective At Making Big Changes To Your Smile

So what makes porcelain veneers so effective under varying circumstances? While these restorations take up less space than dental crowns, and require less preparatory work as a result, they still effectively cover the front portions of teeth. With that degree of coverage, they can hide blemishes, damage to your enamel, and even problems with tooth shape or size so that your smile looks free of conspicuous flaws!

How Veneers Are Made And Placed

Before you can undergo treatment with veneers, careful measurements of your teeth have to be taken. Without those measurements, there will not be a way to provide veneers that precisely fit over your teeth and look natural. While taking measurements, your dentist will also do work to carefully remove a small amount of enamel to make space for these restorations when they are ready. Once your veneers are prepared, you will return to the dentist’s office to have them bonded in place. Once they are set in place, they should remain permanently in position, so your smile improvements will last!

Discussing All Of Your Options For Cosmetic Treatment

While porcelain veneers are useful in many situations, they may not be the cosmetic procedure that is most appealing to you. You may prefer a tooth bonding treatment, which uses composite resin instead of a custom restoration to make changes to the way you look. We also have the option of simply targeting teeth stains with a teeth whitening procedure. With this approach, your tooth structure is not changed, but your smile still sees exciting improvements as your enamel brightens considerably!

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist’s Office About The Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers

At our dentist’s office in Mansfield, TX, patients who are bothered by the way they look can reach out to us to find out how cosmetic treatment with porcelain veneers can help them. To learn what this procedure can do for you, reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227.