Why would someone worry about receiving a dental filling? If someone expects to receive a filling made from metal, they may be worried about how it affects their smile. They can also worry about what the experience of having restorative dental work might feel like. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can provide lifelike restorative treatment while prioritizing the comfort of a patient while they are in the dentist’s chair. The dental fillings that we use for our patients’ teeth are made from a composite resin material that both imitates and bonds to your enamel. Having work done can protect a tooth without negatively affecting your smile, and it can ensure your tooth is returned to good health before you experience oral health complications from a cavity.

Dental Fillings Support Teeth That Have Been Damaged By Cavities

Any time a cavity forms, there will be a need to perform restorative treatment. There is not a way for you to take on a problem with dental decay on your own, so until you see your dentist, that cavity will keep growing. Even a minor amount of harm is something that should be treated. With a dental filling, it is possible to protect a tooth simply by “filling” in the space where decay became an issue. This leaves surrounding enamel intact, but ensures you can still bite and chew without problems.

Receiving Your Tooth-Colored Filling

Before you can receive your filling, your dentist will need to remove the portion of your tooth that has become decayed. Before this is done, your tooth is numbed to make the procedure more comfortable for you. After carefully removing the cavity, the composite resin material is applied to occupy the space left behind. Because this material is biocompatible, it actually bonds with the enamel to create a remarkable degree of support. Care is taken to make sure that the filling matches the color of your tooth, so it is a discreet feature and not something that attracts unwanted attention.

Other Approaches To Treating Tooth Decay

In some cases, it will simply not be possible to restore a tooth with a filling. This is because the damage is too severe, and something larger is needed to provide adequate protection. In this situation, a dental crown can be used instead of a filling. A crown will completely cover a tooth above the gum line. If you want to lower your risk for damage from advanced decay, attending regular dental exams will help by creating opportunities for your dentist to identify a cavity in its early stages.

Arrange Restorative Treatment At Mansfield Dental Associates

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