Many people in the Mansfield, TX area work at a desk in an office. You would not think that a desk job could present that many physical dangers, but there can be problems for your smile when working in an office. Without thinking about it, you could be increasing your risks for gum disease, tooth damage, and tooth decay. With a little bit of awareness and mindfulness, you can decrease these risks for your smile. From sipping on sugary coffee all day to chewing on a pen cap, there may be smile dangers in your office. 

Desk Drinks

Do you keep a coffee on your desk all day? Coffee itself may not be a problem for your smile, but if you are loading it up with sugar, it could be. Think about the drinks that you keep on your desk (coffee, soda, tea, water) and think about how long it is exposed to your teeth throughout your work day. If you are a coffee drinker (especially of the sugary kind), give yourself a certain time to drink your coffee before you switch to water. This same rule can apply to any sugary drink. Drinking water can help keep your smile rinsed and your body hydrated.

Office Treats

If your office has a candy bowl or a snack drawer, be mindful of how often you are dipping into it. A protein-filled snack can often be more filling and useful for your brain than a piece of candy anyways.

Mindless Chewing

Some people who are deep in thought or highly stressed (two things common in the workplace) might chew on the end of a pen or pencil. Chewing on anything besides food can put your smile at risk of breakage or damage. If chewing on things is a stress relief, try sugarless gum as a safer alternative.

We want to help you keep your smile safe

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