Cosmetic dental bonding is one of the most commonly recommended and least invasive ways to address minor issues affecting the smile. Dental bonding is the process of applying a composite resin, which is the same material used in tooth-colored fillings, directly to the tooth. The resin can be customized in color and then be shaped, hardened, and polished on to create a natural-looking and strong tooth surface. Bonding can address issues like surface damage, deep stains, and small chips or gaps. 

#1 Small Chips or Gaps

A chipped edge can make a tooth more susceptible to further breakage. For small chips only affecting the enamel, the tooth may be repaired with tooth bonding. Just like with tooth-colored fillings, composite bonding can repair the tooth’s surface to restore the strong protective shield for the inside of your tooth. Cosmetic issues like a a tooth that is smaller than the rest, a small gap, or other kinds of unevenness may all be addressed through dental bonding.

#2 Surface Cracks

A crack on a tooth can be a serious threat to the integrity of your tooth.  If the crack or damage has exposed any sensitive inner areas of your tooth to the elements, you may require endodontic treatment to disinfect the inside of the tooth. However, if the crack is limited to just the tooth’s outer layer, the enamel, it could be addressed with a dental bonding treatment.

#3 Deep, Intrinsic Stains

Stains on the outside of the teeth, known as extrinsic discoloration, can typically be removed by some form of a whitening treatment. However, if a tooth is internally discolored, known as intrinsic discoloration, the stains cannot be removed. Cosmetic bonding may be a more effective solution for covering deep, intrinsic discoloration. The bonding resin can be color-matched, so that the bonded tooth can blend in with the rest of your smile. Porcelain veneers can be a great option if most or all of your smile is affected by intrinsic discoloration.

Dental bonding can address your smile’s cosmetic issues

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