When a patient loses one tooth, we may suggest a bridge or possibly a single tooth dental implant. But what about cases where several teeth, or all of them, are missing? In these situations, we may recommend a denture. We two very different options available. Do you need a full or partial denture?

The Dangers Posed By Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can mean gaps in you smile, making the risk of surrounding teeth drifting from position more likely. Misalignment can make caring for your smile difficult, allowing tooth decay and gum disease to form. The pressure tooth loss can place on the jaw joints can lead to the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism. Finally, you can be forced to subsist mainly on soft foods, which reduces your nutritional intake and harms your overall health.

Partial Dentures

A partial can address advanced tooth loss, even when the missing teeth are scattered across the arch. The prosthetic consists of an acrylic base designed to mimic gum tissue. There will be pontics, or replacement teeth, made from ceramic. Metal clasps will attach to the natural teeth and anchor the new ones firmly in place. You can then enjoy a full and beautiful smile again.

Full Dentures

A full prosthetic can replace every tooth on one or both arches. Once again, there will an acrylic base that looks like natural gum tissue, as well as a full row of replacement teeth. The denture will be held in place with natural suction or possibly the assistant of a special adhesive. They can last between five and ten years and will require replacement or adjustment as the jaw changes shape. With a full, you can enjoy a full smile you’ll be proud to show the world. If you have any questions about our dentures, or about addressing tooth loss, then please contact our office today.

Ready to Try a Dental Prosthetic?

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