Do you have minor imperfections in the appearance of your teeth? Does a small chip or crack make you feel self-conscious when you smile? Does that one tooth that is smaller than the rest of your teeth bother you? Do you find yourself staring at the tooth that is oddly shaped compared to the rest of your smile? If any of these questions ring true to you or they are similar to questions you ask yourself, you may benefit from dental bonding. Dental bonding is a conservative and cost-effective cosmetic option that can alter the size, shape, or appearance of your teeth. 

Conserving the natural tooth

Dental bonding requires little to no removal of the natural tooth to be applied. Dental bonding is a composite resin that can be painted directly onto the tooth. The resin can be shaped and sculpted into the desired size and shape. Dental bonding is a good option for covering teeth that have deep staining that cannot be removed by whitening.

An alternative to orthodontic treatment

If you have a small gap, it can be filled in with dental bonding. Some teeth can appear crooked or misaligned because the teeth themselves are crooked in individual shape. Sometimes if the size of teeth are not uniform, the teeth can appear to be crooked. If a tooth is misshaped, dental bonding can be used to make its shape more similar to the rest of the teeth. Dental bonding on even just a few problematic teeth can make a huge impact in the appearance. It can make the entire smile look straight and realigned.

More affordable and less time-consuming

Because dental bonding requires less prep of the tooth and the procedure is often simpler than porcelain veneers, it can be a less expensive and invasive procedure. Dental bonding can often be done in just a single visit. Usually, the tooth can be prepped, the bonding can be applied, the resin can be sculpted, hardened, and polished all in one appointment.

Dental bonding could be the right choice for your smile

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