As adults, when we lose a tooth, we do not get the joy and fun of a visit from the tooth fairy. Losing a tooth as an adult can be a very unfun experience. Teeth are lost or extracted for a wide variety of reasons, such as injury, severe damage or cavities, or gum disease. In situations like wisdom teeth extractions, there is no need to replace the tooth. In some cases where the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth, the need to replace feels more important, as a missing tooth can drastically change one’s appearance. But in cases where a tooth is extracted in a less visible location, it is still important to replace the tooth

Difficulty speaking and chewing foods

Depending on which tooth or teeth are missing, eating food can become more difficult. Certain foods can be challenging to eat. When you avoid chewing with the area of the mouth that a tooth is missing, you can start to overuse your other teeth. That overuse can lead to more damage over time. If a tooth is missing in the front of the mouth, it can cause a lisp or speech impediment. Often people with missing front teeth become self-conscious and may talk less due to their appearance.

Bone loss can occur with a missing tooth

When a tooth is gone, the roots go with it, which leads an empty space in the jawbone. This void in the jaw can lead to bone loss or bone resorption. Without stimulation from the roots of the tooth, the bone begins to soften. This can put the teeth near the spot of the missing tooth in danger, as their supporting jaw bone weakens. Over time, the appearance of the face can change as bone loss occurs and changes the shape of the jaw.

There are several options to consider when replacing a tooth.

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