So you have decided to explore what cosmetic dentistry can do for you – what happens now? How will you determine what treatment you should receive to enjoy the changes you want? There are several cosmetic treatments you can choose between. Your particular goals might be better served by one treatment over another. You should also consider that the root of your problem might affect what choice you should make. For instance, people with intrinsic discoloration might want whiter teeth, but a professional whitening treatment can be the incorrect approach to making changes.


True Or False: Every type of dental discoloration imaginable can be corrected with a professional whitening treatment.

True Or False: You may be able to have a dental bonding treatment completed in one visit.

True Or False: You have to take off your porcelain veneers before you eat.


False! People with intrinsic discoloration have problems that can require a different plan of action. This is because whitening treatments address stains in your enamel, while intrinsic discoloration comes from problems that are based internally in the tooth.

True! In some cases, the number of teeth you choose to have worked on can require a follow-up visit, but many patients can be done with a dental bonding treatment in one appointment.

False! You should know that if you receive porcelain veneers, they are effectively a permanent addition to your teeth. The bonding process for veneers ensures they remain in place. Fortunately, veneers are designed to withstand the everyday impacts that come with biting and chewing food.

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