Your dental crown is not meant to make a brief appearance in your smile before being replaced, or removed. Crowns need to exhibit real durability, because if your tooth needs a crown, that need will be permanent. Your enamel can heal after some minor harm, but when the damage grows too significant, that capacity will fall well short of what you need. If you suffer an advanced cavity, or notable dental damage from an injury, that harm is permanent. By fitting that tooth with a crown, you can enjoy sustained coverage. Once placed, your crown is tasked with taking on the pressures created whenever you chew, or bite into food. With the right material, your dentist can ensure that in addition to holding up for a long span of time, your crown will also fit in with your surrounding teeth.

Receiving Your Dental Crown

Receiving your dental crown will require two visits. The first appointment is centered around taking your measurements (so that your crown fits your specific needs), and preparing your tooth to receive it. You will return after your lab-made crown has arrived at your dentist’s office. Once placed, the crown should provide years of steady support.

Problem With Your Crown? See Your Dentist!

When you go in for a checkup, your dentist will check on your restorative dental work, just as they would check on your natural teeth. If, over the years, wear and tear have affected your restoration, they may suggest having it replaced. While this should take many years to occur, some patients – through neglect, or the bad luck of an accident – might need a crown sooner. If you think your crown has a problem, let your dentist know. After all, when your crown is damaged, it leaves a vulnerable tooth exposed.

Need A Dental Crown? Let Your Dentist Know!

A dental crown offers much-needed support to a vulnerable tooth. This restoration can withstand biting and chewing forces, and can offer years of protection. When you come in for restorative dental work – or for any other reason – the team at Mansfield Dental Associates can make sure you have the best possible experience. You can reach our office by phone at 817-473-6227 to schedule a consultation, or fill out our patient form online.Our office is located in Mansfield, TX, and we serve the surrounding areas, including South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian, and more.