A dental bonding treatment can be called on to take care of several kinds of cosmetic dental problems. This can be an especially useful procedure if you want to address minor, but visible, dental damages, including discoloration after an accident. You can also use bonding to hide congenital problems, by adding size to a small tooth, or reshaping its jagged or otherwise flawed shape. This procedure is great for tackling a range of worrying problems, but it can also be popular because many patients can see their desired results after just one visit.

Remarkable Changes Can Be Gained In Just One Visit

When you choose to undergo a dental bonding treatment in order to correct flaws in your smile, you can see results in as little as one visit. The procedure involves applying composite resin, which is also used to make dental fillings, to the surface of your tooth. The resin is applied so that any visible flaws are corrected, and the tooth appears in line with its neighbors. The material can be treated so that it is an ideal color match, too. You should know that if you are seeking work on several teeth, a follow-up appointment may be needed.

Your Dentist Can Let You Know What Cosmetic Treatments Are Available To You

There are several options available to you if you are looking to improve your smile. Many people will choose to make esthetic improvements by having porcelain veneers placed. Veneers can cost more than a dental bonding treatment, and it can take longer to see the final results. That being said, the porcelain material can be more durable, and can providing more lasting results.

Talk To Your Dentist About What A Dental Bonding Treatment Can Do For Your Smile

A dental bonding treatment is a popular cosmetic procedure that can allow you to feel great about your smile. By applying composite resin to a flawed tooth, your dentist can cover up a range of different issues. If you would like to schedule a consultation, then you can reach us at 817-473-6227, or fill out our patient forms. We proudly serve the needs of residents from Mansfield, TX and the surrounding areas, including South Arlington, Kennedale, Southeast Ft. Worth, Alvarado, Midlothian, and more.