What does it take to take care of a cavity? The first thing to understand is that it will take your dentist’s intervention – once a cavity forms, you will not be able to stop it. They will remove the infected area of your tooth, make sure it is cleaned, and restore what was lost to decay. The restorative dental treatment process focuses on eliminating the problem, but addressing that loss of material is important. Your dental filling or dental crown will make sure your overall dental function is not inhibited by a vulnerable tooth.


True Or False: Your tooth will have to undergo a root canal if decay has started causing internal problems, but a cavity caught before this occurs will not require this procedure.

True Or False: A dental crown is meant to protect a vulnerable tooth after treatment, but thanks to cosmetically-friendly materials, it can make sure your smile still looks good.

True Or False: A dental filling made with composite resin actually bonds directly with your enamel.


True! A root canal treatment is only in order if you need to have an internal problem addressed. To avoid needing this procedure, make sure you stay on top of regular dental visits, so that a cavity is discovered before internal problems develop. If bacteria have reached your pulp, your tooth can face a serious threat.

True! A porcelain dental crown has a life-like quality, and can be a seamless addition to your smile.

True! Composite resin is popular because of its cosmetic advantage over metal, but this substance also allows for a direct bond with your tooth, which avoids the potential creation of space around the filling where bacteria can gather.

Dealing With Tooth Decay? Talk To Your Dentist

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