How can you take better care of your teeth when you already take care to brush and floss, and keep up with regular dental visits? If you are frustrated by your tendency to develop cavities, despite enjoying good general dental care with your dentist and at home, consider your diet. When you enjoy a diet with more sugar, or foods that are more likely to stick to teeth, you put your teeth at risk for greater harm. Cutting back on sugar, and ensuring that your diet is higher in nutrients, and healthier overall, can benefit your smile.

How Your Beverage Choices Influence Your Cavity Risk, And Your Appearance

The beverage choices we make throughout the day can increase our risk for problems that call for restorative dental care, and for cosmetic dental issues. Colas cause particular trouble because they are higher in sugar, and because they are more acidic. That acidity actually softens your enamel, lowering your defense against decay. Dark liquids, like coffee, tea, and red wine, can leave behind particles that stain your teeth. If you are a frequent imbiber of these beverages, you might need a professional whitening treatment to undo the effects on your smile.

Recognizing How Sugar Can Pose A Threat To Your Teeth

Sugar feeds the oral bacteria that reside in our mouths. When bacteria process those sugars, they release an acidic material that can eat into our enamel, leading to tooth decay. You have some natural defense against this – your enamel can heal from minor damage, and your saliva actually neutralizes bacteria, and helps keep your mouth clean. Still, one way to make sure your teeth enjoy your full support is by cutting down on sugar, and reducing the amount of harm your teeth will endure.