If you are aware of what sleep apnea is, and what it can do to your overall health, you may be under the impression that treatment has to come via a CPAP machine. While these devices can offer important help, people who use them may find them uncomfortable, and have difficulty falling asleep. If you have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), your dentist might be able to equip you with an oral appliance that helps stop this problem. The appliance is designed to ensure that when you sleep, your airways are unblocked by the obstructive soft tissue that can stop your breathing during the night.

How Sleep Apnea Affects Your General Health

Sleep apnea can cause patients to make a loud snoring sound, something they can find embarrassing. It is worth addressing the fact that sleep apnea can do more than just make you self-conscious. Your body has to break your sleep cycle to wake up and clear your breathing passages. When that cycle is broken, you fail to receive the full benefits of a night’s rest, even if you believe you enjoyed a full eight hours of sleep. That can lead to several health issues, some of which can be critical.

The Importance Of Recognizing The Ways In Which Your Dentist Can Help You

Would you think to tell your dentist about sleep apnea troubles? Understanding what your dentist can help with can make it easier to seek important help. For instance, your chronic headaches could relate to TMD, a problem with your jaw joints – your dentist’s treatment can address the matter, and help you recover from routine discomfort.