When you go in for a regular dental checkup, you can face a looming question – will they find something wrong? If you care for your teeth, and limit your consumption of sugar, then you should have few worries when going in for a routine appointment. However, even people who are confident in the effort they put into taking care of their teeth may find themselves needing a dental filling at some point. If you do need a filling, you should know that your restorative dental work can blend with your smile. It is also good to remember that avoiding the dentist’s office will let a problem grow, and your cavity can become more serious.

How A Dental Filling Can Offer Discreet Care

Your dentist will use a composite resin filling to restore your tooth after work is done to remove decay. This material is popular with patients, as it can blend with your enamel, so that it does not draw attention. It is also useful because it can bond directly to your tooth, which means there will not be any space left between the filling and your enamel – space left open could become a gathering point for bacteria.

How Missing Dental Appointments Can Affect Your Oral Health

Having a cavity found during a dental appointment can be upsetting, but this scenario is superior to one where you skip your appointment, and leave your cavity unaddressed. Tooth decay continues to grow over time once a cavity has formed. If you leave the issue unaddressed for long enough, you could require a root canal. After this takes place, a dental crown will be required to support your tooth.