Cosmetic dental work can make sure you spend 2017 feeling good when you show off your smile. With porcelain veneers, you can tackle a range of problems that are currently hurting your overall appearance. Damage and discoloration are both treatable by having porcelain veneers placed. The process involves two appointments. At the first trip to your dentist, your teeth will be reviewed, to confirm that veneers are right for you. Preparatory work will also be done – your measurements will taken, so that your dentist can ensure your veneers are the exact fit required, and preparatory work will prepare your teeth to accept them. When you return, your dentist will permanently bond your veneers, and send you home with a terrific, flawless smile.

Your Dentist Will Need To Confirm Porcelain Veneers Are Right For You

Not every patient will be ready for porcelain veneers. Any current problems will make restorative dental work necessary. For instance, a cavity will need to be addressed before you can have cosmetic work. If you have an ongoing teeth grinding problem, it could cause you to damage the veneers after you receive them.

Other Cosmetic Dental Treatments Available To You

Porcelain veneers are not the only solution to cosmetic dental problems. If your only intention is to make your teeth look whiter, you may only be interested in a professional whitening treatment. Whitening agents can address stains that have settled in your enamel; in a single visit, you can have a smile that is whiter by many shades. Some patients will prefer to have a dental bonding treatment to correct dental flaws. Depending on the number of teeth being treated, you can have a bonding treatment completed in just one appointment.