Many people will not hesitate to visit their dentist. Unfortunately, there are others who let anxiety keep them from seeing a dentist, even if they are in pain. If you experience dental anxiety, you should know that there are resources available that can help you have a more relaxed experience. Technology like digital radiography and intraoral cameras enable your dentist to more efficiently and comfortably inspect your oral health. If you are worried about experiencing discomfort during a procedure, nitrous oxide and oral sedation are available to help put you at ease.

Digital Radiography And Intraoral Cameras

During a routine checkup, your dentist needs to perform a thorough review of your teeth and gums; some areas your dentist must check are less accessible than others. Digital radiography and intraoral cameras give your dentist a means to perform a robust inspection, with less discomfort for you. Intraoral cameras are small cameras are attached to the end of a thin handpiece. These cameras provide your dentist with a minimally invasive means of inspecting the teeth and gums in the back of your mouth. Digital radiography produces 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, and you and your dentist can review what it captures on a chairside monitor during your visit.

Nitrous Oxide And Oral Sedation

Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) is a sedative that you inhale through a breathing apparatus for the duration of your visit. The gas acts quickly, but its effects should wear off shortly after you stop breathing it, so patients can typically drive themselves after their visit. Oral sedation is an anti-anxiety medication that is taken before your visit. The sedative allows patients to be responsive, but also keeps them relaxed throughout treatment.