Do you frequently snore or feel inexplicitly tired during the day? If so, you may be experiencing the common symptoms of a serious sleep disorder. Do you have sleep apnea? Fortunately, patients with his disorder can make simple changes to their daily routine and seek comfortable and noninvasive treatment options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleep Apnea

Question: Do you feel exhausted during the day?

Answer: If you feel tired in the day despite having slept the night before this may be a symptom of OSA. With sleep apnea, patients stop breathing for brief periods. The brain wakes the patient up to start breathing. People have no memory of these episodes, despite them occurring hundreds of times per night in some cases. Other symptoms include depression, snoring, difficulty focusing at work or school, irritability, and waking up gasping for air or choking.

Question: What causes OSA?

Answer: OSA occurs when the patient stops breathing because soft tissue in the mouth or throat has blocked airflow. This happens when the soft tissue becomes overly relaxed and collapses, obstructing breathing.

Question: What are the health complications of sleep apnea?

Answer: Patients with untreated sleep issues may develop high blood pressure and with that, a higher risk of heart attack and stroke. We encourage patients who experience the symptoms of sleep apnea to see a professional for a diagnosis and to discuss treatment options right away.

Question: How does the doctor treat the disorder?

Answer: In most cases we can treat the issue with a customized oral appliance. The appliance looks similar to a nightguard but is much more complex. Worn while you sleep, the device moves the jaw forward slightly to keep the airways open and allow easy breathing. If you have any questions about treating this sleep disorder or recognizing the symptoms then contact our office today.