Like anything else you decide to purchase to improve yourself, when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, you may have lot of questions about particular treatments. If you’ve been looking into dental bonding to erase minor esthetic concerns (think chips, cracks, little spaces between teeth, and even short teeth) then it is time to find out more. By allowing us to answer your questions about those aspects of care that cause you to feel concerned, you can feel you’ve gained a comprehensive grasp of what to expect and whether bonding is right for you.

Questions About Bonding

Question: Is dental bonding going to be very expensive? I really want to improve the way my smile looks but I want to stay within my personal budget for cosmetic treatments.

Answer: Bonding is both effective for your smile and for your wallet. You can expect one of the most budget-conscious treatments around when it comes to making cosmetic improvements. Fortunately, though the cost is typically low when compared with the other solutions, the benefits are equally exceptional.

Question: Is this treatment going to be comfortable? I’m ready to make my smile look better but the idea of any discomfort makes me a little hesitant.

Answer: Yes, dental bonding is known for its comfort. We will not need to provide you with any type of anesthetic because it is a truly gentle application process. We will simply add the illusion of more tissue to your tooth or teeth and then set and polish that material.

Question: I know some types of cosmetic treatment require multiple visits. Will dental bonding require more than one appointment until it is complete?

Answer: Again, a wonderful benefit of dental bonding is that you will be able to accomplish the changes you desire within one visit.


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