Choosing partial dentures may be the best solution for your tooth loss. Then again, full dentures may actually offer the most appropriate solution for your needs. Or, you may like the idea of dentures but really would prefer dental implants if only you had the time and budget to restore your smile with that option. Can you instantly determine which of these solutions is your perfect fit? If not, we encourage you to learn more about the different types of dentures, so you can quickly make plans to restore your smile.

You’re Missing All Of Your Teeth

If you’re missing all of your teeth, you make the best candidate for full dentures. This prosthetic is a full device that will replace your entire arch of teeth. You can expect to enjoy greatly improved chewing and speaking, as well as nutritional intake. Missing a complete arch of teeth means eating soft foods and often avoiding certain social interactions due to a plummet in confidence. Fortunately, full dentures will restore your physical smile as well as your self-esteem and ability to function.

You’re Missing Some Teeth

If you’re not missing all of your teeth then you do not qualify for a full denture. Instead, you make an excellent candidate for a partial denture. This prosthetic is similar to its full counterpart. However, it is created to replace multiple missing teeth rather than an entire arch. The device includes artificial teeth and spaces that accommodate for the teeth that remain in your smile – you can expect the open areas in your smile to appear beautifully and seamlessly filled in with the use of a partial denture. Like the benefits of a full denture, you will enjoy improved daily functioning and a more beautiful smile.

You Want Additional Stability

Want more stability for your dentures? You may choose to support either a full or partial denture (which rely on natural suction in your mouth) with dental implants. If this sounds interesting to you, speak with us about your candidacy during your next visits.


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