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If you have recently lost one of your teeth, you know how frustrating this situation can be. You may find that a single missing tooth can greatly impact your ability to chew and speak while causing significant discomfort. By taking steps to learn about your options for prosthetic replacement, you can gain the confidence of a full bite and restore your smile. The placement of a dental implant can provide permanent support by inserting a post directly into your jaw. Made from titanium, your new implant post mimics the function of your tooth’s root to provide critical stimulation to your bone and hold a restorative crown above your gumline. As your oral tissues fuse with your implant post, you can feel secure knowing it can last a lifetime.

At your Mansfield, TX, dental practice, we understand the difficulty of adjusting to recent tooth loss. This is why we offer dental implants to return your bite and provide pride in the appearance of your smile. Whether caused by disease or physical injury, implants provide a versatile treatment option for your missing tooth.

The Unique Benefit Of A Dental Implant

While many solutions such as dental bridges and dentures exist to replace a missing tooth, a dental implant is the only option available to provide the unique benefit of osseointegration. This biological mechanism supports the strength of your jawbone by fusing it to your titanium implant post. This means that when you chew with your new prosthetic, the force of your bite is transferred from the post into your jawbone. This provides important stimulation that signals your body to continue providing nutrients to support bone health. Conversely, when you lose a tooth, you lose the roots that transfer this signal, and your bone may lose density as the body believes it is no longer in use.

Placing Your Dental Implant

When we install your new dental implant, we will place your post directly through the open socket of your missing tooth. When you recover from the implantation procedure, we will design a custom prosthetic to attach to an abutment at the end of your post. For a single missing tooth, we can place a dental crown that provides the lifelike appearance of a natural tooth in your mouth. For more extensive tooth loss, we can discuss implant-supported dentures that sit atop your implant posts.

Speak With Your Mansfield, TX, Dentist About Replacing Your Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth does not need to mean a permanent hole in your smile. By placing a dental implant, you can enjoy the benefits of your new prosthetic for years to come! For more information on this treatment or to schedule a visit, give us a call at Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX today at (817)473-6227.