While you may have little doubt that tooth loss is something you want to avoid, it can still be a surprise to discover just how harmful it can be. The impact on your smile can be significant, and the changes it makes to your bite function and quality of life can certainly be hard to ignore. The good news is that there are treatment options that let you take on problems with your appearance as well as with your dental function and health. Through implant dentistry, our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office is able to provide permanent stability with a custom restoration that is set in place. This approach secures your prosthetic, making it more dependable. It also ensures that neighboring teeth and even your jawbone receive better protection over time.

The Difficulties Created By Tooth Loss

There are serious consequences to tooth loss, and some of those issues can actually worsen as time passes and create frustrating complications that impact your health as well as your appearance. One problem is that you can find it difficult to bite and chew with natural movements, which can lead to pressure on your jaw joints and muscles. In response to this, you can develop more awkward movements, or you can unknowingly put teeth neighboring a gap at risk by placing them under pressure that is more likely to cause shifting and loosening. You can also experience issues with TMJ disorder because you do not have an even bite that you can maintain.

Planning Professional Treatment To Restore Your Smile

Implant dentistry will see your smile preserved through work that permanently secures a restoration in place. These small titanium posts are set directly into the jawbone; their designated spaces are where teeth roots were previously housed. After you heal from this treatment, you will return to have you prosthetic appliance set in place. When you have healed from this, you can receive your prosthetic. The appliance that you receive will be personalized to make sure that it both fits and looks natural. It will also be durable enough to contribute functional support when you bite and chew, so you will not have to worry about a permanently compromised bite function.

What Can You Do To Preserve Your Smile After Prosthetic Work Is Performed?

By keeping up with smile care after you go through prosthetic dental work, you can protect yourself against new issues, and you can make sure that your appliance stays healthy and secure. During every routine dental exam, we will take a close look at your restoration as well as your remaining natural teeth to make sure that there are not any issues that must be resolved.

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