Whether it is misshapen due to injury or naturally flawed, a tooth that looks out of place in your smile can make you feel deeply self-conscious. What you should know is that cosmetic services can help with this issue, and they can do so with more conservative treatment than you expect. Our Mansfield, TX dentists’ office can meet with you to discuss services that change the shape and size of teeth that stand out. By doing this work, we can give you a more symmetrical smile, and we can help you regain confidence in your appearance.

Different Issues That Can Affect A Tooth’s Shape

Is your tooth misshapen because it is chipped or cracked, or if it naturally looks out of place because it is the wrong shape or size, the right cosmetic procedure is capable of helping you. We can evaluate the source of your concern to see what kind of procedure might be appropriate. It is often possible for us to proceed with tooth bonding treatment, which can make desired changes without using a restoration. We do have the option of using porcelain veneers as well, which make changes to the way you look while only covering a portion of your enamel.

Planning A Conservative Cosmetic Dental Procedure

We provide personalized approaches to cosmetic care so that we can target the issues that cause you the most concern. When you want to change the shape or size of a tooth, we can look at tooth bonding treatment, or we can recommend that you receive a porcelain veneer. The bonding process does not call for a restoration, and it is often something we can complete in just one visit. Veneers require more preparatory work, but they offer more durability, which can make your results easier to preserve.

Should Your Tooth Be Restored With A Crown?

If we have concerns about a tooth’s health, or about your ability to apply pressure with it when you bite and chew, cosmetic work may not be the right approach. Instead, we can recommend that you receive a dental crown. With your custom crown, we can provide more durable support that improves your smile as well as your dental health. A crown completely envelops the tooth to support its health and absorb pressure on its behalf.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Reshaping Your Tooth!

If you have a problem with a tooth that is misshapen because of an injury, gradual wear and tear, or any other issue, the right cosmetic service can help. Through treatment, we can make your smile more attractive by hiding a conspicuous flaw and improving your smile symmetry! If you have questions about this or any other form of care that we offer, please call Mansfield Dental Associates in Mansfield, TX at 817-473-6227!