Cavity treatment does more than just remove unhealthy tissues from a tooth. When we provide care at our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we deal with decay and also provide protection for your tooth structure with a permanent restoration. For many people, the right protection can come from a custom, lifelike dental filling. A filling made from a composite resin material can closely match your enamel and bond to it. Through its placement, we can keep you safe from new problems and preserve your appearance so that you do not have to feel self-conscious about your smile.

Will A Cavity Treatment Hurt My Smile?

An untreated cavity will do worsening damage to your smile. The longer you go without work to address decay, the more serious the problem will become. Fortunately, a cavity can be caught even before you know something is wrong when you go in for regular dental exams. After we remove decayed tissues and deal with bacteria, we can place a conservative dental filling in the site where damage formed. By doing so, we stop problems with future infections and we ensure that you still have valuable bite support.

Treating Dental Decay With A Filling

By treating your tooth with a dental filling, we can make sure it stays safe while only making a minimal change to its structure. We use composite resin to create these restorations. This material matches your enamel, and it can adhere to it permanently to provide a remarkable hold. In addition to looking more attractive than metal, the resin material is less reactive to temperatures, which makes it less likely to lose its shape and become unstable.

Why Some Cavities Are Treated With Dental Crowns

The right treatment for your tooth will keep it safe for many years. If a cavity is just too large for a filling, we can instead use a dental crown to keep your smile and tooth safe from harm. A custom dental crown can be placed directly over a tooth. This greater coverage provides more bite support and protection, and it also keeps you safe from an infection. We can use a crown that matches your enamel, which means this approach is not the end of your smile as you know it!

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist To Schedule Your Cavity Treatment

Through the right approach to cavity treatment, we can make sure that your tooth is fully restored, and we can also take care to preserve your appearance. We provide lifelike dental fillings that closely match the color and texture of your enamel. In cases where larger restorations are needed, we also have the option of placing custom dental crowns. To learn more about our services, including our approach to cavity care, please contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!