When you need cavity treatment, you should make your appointment a priority. When you put off this service, you make yourself vulnerable to potential complications that will change how we need to care for your tooth. So why would someone delay care? In some cases, they are concerned that once they undergo restorative dental work, their smile will be affected in ways that they do not enjoy. What you should know is that our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office relies on treatment options that can preserve the way you look. With our composite resin fillings, we can provide lasting protection for teeth while keeping your appearance unchanged.

Why Cavity Treatment Includes The Placement Of A Restoration

Any time a person develops a cavity, they experience permanent damage to their tooth structure. This is the case even when the amount of decay is not enough to cause you active discomfort. After we identify a problem with tooth decay, we can remove the affected area and make plans to restore it. If a problem is caught in time, we can use a conservative dental filling that leaves your surrounding tooth structure alone. Once placed, a filling made with composite resin will bond to your tooth structure and prevent problems with your oral health and appearance.

Receiving Your Composite Resin Dental Filling

Composite resin is used to provide restorations that offer lasting support without changing your smile. This substance is applied directly at the site of your cavity. After being administered, it will bond to your enamel as it hardens. Once you have your filling in place, you can find yourself impressed at just how hard it is to notice that work has been done on your tooth. The support that it offers can ensure you are still able to bite and chew without difficulties.

What If A Filling Does Not Provide Enough Support?

A cavity can grow until it requires more than a dental filling. If this happens, we can instead use a dental crown to provide protection. A crown will require more preparatory work, as it surrounds the tooth. The good news is that a dental crown, like a composite filling, can match your enamel. Schedule regular dental exams to protect you against problems that become so advanced you need a crown instead of a filling.

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentist About Cavity Treatment With A Composite Filling

Through treatment with a lifelike dental filling, your dentist can protect your tooth without changing your smile! We can provide different options for cavity treatment when our patients need help, but we also provide ongoing preventive services to help them avoid these difficulties. If you have questions about our services, or if there are any active concerns you have about your oral health, contact Mansfield Dental Associates at 817-473-6227!