Does cavity treatment have to spell the end of your smile as you know it? One reason people worry over treatment for decay is because of anxieties over unwelcome cosmetic changes. In other words, they expect a filling or crown to negatively affect the way they look. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can actually provide restorative services that do not affect your appearance! With lifelike restorations, we can protect teeth without changing the way they look. Of course, you can count on us for more than just help when something has already gone wrong, as we can provide consistent preventive care, too.

Why Cavity Treatment Requires Permanent Restorations

There are certainly good reasons to take cavity prevention seriously. After all, even when decay is caught early, it does damage to your enamel that is not reversible. Because of this, you will always need your dental filling or dental crown to protect it from further harm. Both of these treatment options give enough support to let you bite and chew without worrying you will do harm to your tooth. Of course, like your natural teeth, teeth that have undergone treatment can develop problems if the right preventive habits are not maintained.

Restoring Your Tooth With A Custom Filling

Dental fillings are the more conservative type of restoration available after a cavity is addressed. These offer long-term support while preserving most of your surrounding enamel. Your dentist will place your filling directly in the space where decayed tissues had to be removed. The lifelike resin substance we use to make them bonds directly to your enamel, providing a secure hold and protecting you against infection as well as physical damage.

Placing A Crown Over A Vulnerable Tooth

Dental crowns provide lasting support. While they require more preparatory work than fillings, they are able to protect your tooth when an advanced cavity has done more structural harm. In fact, a crown can even protect a tooth after root canal therapy occurs to address internal damage. We offer crowns made from several material types, including substances that closely imitate healthy enamel. We can recommend different material types based on which tooth needs to be treated.

Discuss Cavity Care With Your Mansfield, TX Dentist!

Cavity treatment is something that should always be taken seriously, but it is not something that has to make you afraid for your smile! With the right filling or crown, we can provide treatment without changing your appearance. To find out more about how we can help you, or to discuss our different preventive services, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227. In addition to restorative work, we can provide preventive and cosmetic care to help you remain confident in your appearance.