When your teeth are sensitive enough to make certain foods and drinks feel off-limits to you, it can be hard not to worry about your oral health. Sensitivity is a problem that you should take seriously, and it is something you can discuss with your dentist during your next routine dental checkup. At our Mansfield, TX dentist’s office, we can closely examine your smile to find out what might be responsible for your problems. We can recommend different solutions, and if necessary we can perform treatment to restore the health of a sensitive tooth. Remember that consistent dental exams help you stay updated about the condition of your teeth and gums, and that they also help to ensure that care is taken to help you avoid future difficulties.

More Than One Issue Can Lead To Sensitivity

There is no single oral health problem responsible for dental sensitivity. For some, it becomes an issue over time as gum line recession exposes naturally sensitive portions of their teeth. For others, it can be a warning that tooth decay needs to be addressed with the appropriate restorative dental work. It can also be a consequence of gradual enamel erosion. By scheduling an appointment, you give your dentist the chance to look closely and find out what issue might be affecting you. Thanks to the digital imaging technology at our office, we are able to perform remarkably thorough assessments of your oral health!

Scheduling Treatment After An Issue Is Identified

If a problem requires restorative treatment, your dentist will let you know what the matter is and schedule the appropriate care. If your dental sensitivity is linked to a cavity, we can find the most conservative solution that will effectively treat the matter. If the cavity has led to an infection within your tooth, we can perform root canal therapy before restoring the tooth with a dental crown.

Are You Staying Informed About Your Oral Health?

In addition to making sure problems are caught and treated, regular exams help prevent new problems from developing. At these visits, you receive thorough teeth cleanings that remove tartar, plaque, and food buildup that can lead to problems with decay. Your dentist is also able to look for signs of gum disease, or identify potential troubles with teeth grinding (another issue that can cause dental sensitivity).

Talk To Your Mansfield, TX Dentists About Dental Sensitivity

If you are starting to grow concerned over an issue with dental sensitivity, know that our Mansfield, TX dental practice is ready to help you. We can evaluate your smile to see what might be affecting you, then recommend treatment to help you move past the issue. To find out more, please reach out to Mansfield Dental Associates by calling 817-473-6227.