We are already a couple of months into the new year. Have you kept up with your resolutions? If not, no worries. Nothing like the present time to make a new one. In fact, your Mansfield, TX, dentists suggest one. It involves your toothbrush. But wait, you say, I already have a toothbrush, and I brush my teeth regularly, just like Dr. Jones and Dr. Harris recommend. I even floss, you say. We are happy to hear that you are keeping up with good dental health habits! And with those good beginnings, we would like to offer you some more teeth-brushing tips that will help you have a wonderful rest of the year when it comes to your oral health.

What Is The Big Hurry? Take Your Time!

Most people rush through brushing their teeth. We get it. You have things to do and people to see. But your teeth deserve just as much attention as the rest of your life does. On average, a person spends just 45 seconds brushing her or his teeth. However, two minutes is the recommended time one should be spending doing that. To help you brush for that amount of time, consider setting a timer or maybe listen to a song that is at least two minutes long. 

Change Can Be A Good Thing

Spring, summer, fall, and winter. Those are our seasons, and at the beginning of each one is a good time to change out your toothbrush. But you do not have to wait for a new season to do so. If your brush has broken or frayed bristles, then it is time to replace it with a new one. Also, when you have completed brushing for two minutes, store your brush out in the open in an upright position. Germs may grow on it, otherwise, if it is stored in a container or enclosed space.   

Consider Your Touch And Technique

Just because your teeth are strong does not mean that they should be brushed hard. In fact, too much pressure may harm your gums. We recommend that you be firm but gentle when brushing your teeth. An electric toothbrush or a manual one with soft bristles may help you soften your touch. Also, you should angle your brush 45 degrees to the gums when brushing in a back and forth motion. Make sure you are cleaning all of your teeth, the inner, outer, and chewing surfaces. Use a vertical, up and down motion when taking care of the inside of your front teeth.

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