With Thanksgiving and winter holidays like Christmas, kids of all ages will be enjoying plenty of sugary sweets. We don’t want little smiles in Mansfield, TX, to suffer from tooth decay, so our team would like to offer a preventive solution. With dental sealants, we can help safeguard young smiles against the threat of tooth decay!

How Do Cavities Form?

Tooth decay impacts people of all ages, and occurs when bacteria reach the inner layers of dentin, which are sensitive and porous. Typically, our outer enamel prevents this from happening, but injury to the teeth or poor oral hygiene can weaken and damage enamel, exposing the dentin. A cavity will grow with time, leading to tooth sensitivity and toothaches. If you or your child begins to experience prolonged pain or sensitivity in one or more teeth, then please let us know. We can perform an examination and if we discover cavities, we can offer a single-visit filling to treat the issue and prevent the onset of a painful infection or abscess.

Watch Your Holiday Meal Choices

A major factor in the onset of a cavity is the foods and drinks we consume. Foods high in sugar and starch leave behind particles to feed bacteria, promoting plaque buildup and weakened enamel. Same goes for drinks with lots of sugar or acids. Be sure you drink plenty of water, limit sugary and starchy foods, and always take time to brush and floss thoroughly this holiday season. Make time to see us as well. Schedule a checkup now so we can look for the warning signs of a cavity and clean the teeth, removing plaque to prevent enamel erosion.

Dental Sealants

To help protect little smiles from cavities, we may recommend a dental sealant. We will clean and dry the teeth before applying an acrylic coating to the them. We place the sealants on the rear molars, which are often difficult for kids to reach when they brush and floss. The sealants prevent food from becoming stuck between these teeth, limiting the chances of tooth decay forming. They will last for several years and wear away with time. If needed, we can always re-apply in future visits. Our team can also discuss fluoride treatments to help strengthen outer tooth enamel as well, providing additional protection against cavities for little smiles. If you have any questions about protecting your child’s smile this year, then please contact our team today. We would love to see your family before the year ends!

Schedule Your Child’s Visit Today

With a preventive approach to dental care, we can help your child’s smile stay free of tooth decay. For more information on children’s dentistry, then schedule a consultation by calling our dentist’s office in Mansfield, TX, today at 817-473-6227.