A cavity means pain in your smile, as well as an increased risk of infection or abscess. In order to treat the issue and preserve your tooth, we may suggest a filling. For patients in Mansfield, TX, we have a natural looking option to repair and restore teeth in one sitting: composite dental fillings.

The Dangers of an Untreated Dental Cavity

A cavity may develop due to our teeth becoming cracked or chipped, which exposes the inner tooth structure to harmful bacteria. However, most of time they occur as a result of poor oral hygiene causing the protective layer of enamel to weaken and erode. When a cavity forms, people may begin to experience tooth sensitivity or toothaches. Over time, lack of treatment could mean the onset of a serious infection. To preserve your tooth and prevent loss due to infection, we suggest having a lifelike dental filling placed.

Our Composite Fillings

Instead of using metal to create them, we opt for a metal-free composite resin. A combination of special glass and plastic particles, this restoration is strong and durable. In addition, we can shade them to blend with the rest of your tooth and match your smile as a whole. Placement involves removing the decay and cleaning the tooth, before placing the composite resin. We shade the tooth as this material cures under a light. Finally, we polish the tooth for a more natural appearance. In one visit we address cavities and return your smile to optimal health, function, and beauty.

Preventing Future Cavities

Routine homecare and regular office visits help reduce the risk of dental cavities. At home, you should brush twice daily using a toothbrush with soft bristles and a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Each session should take two minutes, no less. We also recommend flossing before going to bed each night. Take time to see us for a checkup and cleaning. We will watch for the earliest warning signs of decay and remove all plaque from the teeth to prevent enamel erosion. Another important aspect of preventing decay involves your diet. When you cut back on foods and drinks high in sugars and acids, you help safeguard your teeth against enamel erosion and cavities. If you have any questions about homecare, proper diet, or our routine office visits, then contact our team today. We would love to help you enjoy optimal oral health and stay cavity-free.

Do You Have an Aching Tooth?

If you have pain in your tooth, please let us now as soon as possible so we can administer treatment if necessary. For more information on identifying and treating tooth decay, then schedule a consultation by calling our dentist’s office in Mansfield, TX, today at 817-473-6227.