When you’ve been told that your tooth needs root canal therapy because it’s severely infected, excitement might not be the first thing you experience. In fact, the pain of your currently infected tooth might not leave room for you to feel much of anything else. Fortunately, today’s root canal treatment can offer a wealth of benefits for your long-term oral health, not the least of which is relief from your intense tooth discomfort. At our Mansfield, TX, dental office, we can restore your tooth’s health and more with highly customized root canal therapy, giving you plenty of reasons to look forward to completing your treatment.

No more severe toothache

The type of tooth infection (or decay) that leads to the need for root canal therapy is the severe kind that reaches the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. By directly affecting your tooth’s nerves, the internal decay can cause severe levels of tooth pain, even when the tooth isn’t under pressure, or exposed to hot or cold foods. The point of root canal therapy is to remove the decayed tooth tissues and oral bacteria that cause the infection from within your tooth’s inner chamber (known as the pulp). After the pulp and the root canal that connects it to your jawbone have been cleared and restored, your tooth will no longer hurt, and you can once again bite and chew comfortably.

Less chance of losing your tooth

When it’s left untreated long enough, severe tooth decay can erode so much of your tooth that there is no longer any healthy, natural structure left to restore. The infection may also reach the root canal that extends into your jawbone, significantly raisin your risks of severe oral health complications. In extreme cases, the best option is to extract the tooth and replace it with a highly lifelike prosthesis (such as a dental implant). However, by treating the tooth early with root canal therapy, you can avoid that need and save your tooth from loss or extraction.

Easier treatment than you expect

Using a combination of advanced technology and highly biocompatible materials, today’s root canal therapy is typically more comfortable and convenient than patients expect. Accessing the tooth’s pulp and root canal and removing the infection, then restoring the tooth with biocompatible materials and a lifelike dental crown, can usually be completed all in a single day. With the addition of highly customizable sedation, your procedure will also be much more comfortable and relaxing.

Benefit from root canal therapy

Root canal therapy might not seem like something to look forward to, but you will once you realize how much it will benefit the health, integrity, and comfort level of your tooth. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling our dentist’s office in Mansfield, TX, today at 817-473-6227.