If the thought of biting into hot or cold foods sends you reeling, you may have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is an incredibly common condition for people to have. If you do have sensitive teeth, it may be an issue caused by a problem such as bruxism, gum recession, or enamel erosion. There are also times when tooth sensitivity is not caused by a bigger problem. In either situation, it is important that you bring it to the attention of your dentist. Your dental team in Mansfield, TX can help you identify what is causing your tooth sensitivity and give you some options to address it.

Grinding Your Teeth

The habitual grinding of teeth is a condition known as bruxism. Over time, the friction from the tooth grinding can create minuscule fractures in the surfaces of your teeth. These fractures can make your teeth sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets. These fractures can also leave your teeth susceptible to tooth decay and further tooth damage. Your dentist can fit you for a custom mouth guard to help stop the problematic effects of bruxism.

Gum Recession

The advanced stages of gum disease can cause your gum tissue to begin receding away from your teeth. This recession can leave the roots and nerves of your teeth exposed. These sensitive areas can feel pain when exposed to the elements. Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss, so it is important that it be prevented or managed.

Enamel Erosion

The outer layer of your teeth, your enamel, protects the sensitive layer beneath that is known as dentin. If the enamel is eroded whether through decay, acidic foods and drinks, too vigorous or intense brushing, or any other reason, it can leave your teeth sensitive. Depending on the cause of the erosion, your dentist can address the issue. Sometimes a filling may be necessary or dental sealants may help to stop the sensitivity.

Do your teeth feel sensitive?

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