So, you have achieved the perfect shade of white teeth? It can feel amazing after a whitening treatment or even a good cleaning to see a dazzling smile looking back at you in the mirror. However, you may start to worry about how long the brightness will last. If you are a coffee drinker in Mansfield, TX, you may know how quickly stains can accumulate on your teeth. Once you have a bright white smile though, there are some ways that you can maintain it and make it last a little longer. 

Take-Home Kits

Along with the aisles of over-the-counter whitening options, your dentist can also provide a variety of professional-grade options. When you are in a hurry or just want white teeth fast, the Zoom! whitening system can be done inside the office within an hour. Another option is a customized take-home kit with professional-grade whitening gel that your dentist can create just for your smile. The two options can also work well together with the take-home kit acting as maintenance following an in-office treatment.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean

Not only does the appearance of your smile depend on you keeping your teeth clean, but so does your oral health. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day can keep both stains and harmful bacteria from building up on the surfaces of your teeth. A professional cleaning at least twice a year can remove any buildup that may have accumulated.

Drinking Plenty of Water

Water helps aid saliva in rinsing your mouth. Water can do a great job of discouraging stains especially if you drink it following coffee, tea, dark sodas, or other foods or drinks. Water also keeps harmful bacteria from building up and causing tooth decay and gum disease to occur inside your smile.

There are ways to maintain a bright smile

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