The sun is out, the heat is here, the kids are out of school – that’s right, summer is here! Summer is a season of fun times in the sunshine, but summer can also be an iffy time for smile health. Routines get a little more relaxed, the snacks are a bit more sugary, and this all have a negative effect on your family’s oral health. We have compiled a few tips to help you and your family keep your smiles healthy all summer long! 

Routines Are Still Important

Schools out, which means bedtimes may become a little looser. With summertime activities like swimming in the pool, camping, watching fireworks, it can be easy to let a night or two go by without brushing the teeth before bed. Maybe even the morning routines get shaken up since there is no school to wake up for? Even if the kids are staying inside in their pajamas all day, it is still important to brush and floss their teeth. It is important for everyone to brush their teeth at least twice a day and to floss at least once. Leaving plaque on your teeth for just one day can give it enough time to harden into decay-causing tartar that you cannot remove on your own.

Be Mindful About Sugar

Ice cream, lemonade, popsicles, oh my! Many treats of summer are full of sugar. Yes, even the fresh fruit (which is a healthier option) is also full of sugar (albeit natural). It is important to balance the sugar intake. It also important to keep it rinsed out of the smile by drinking plenty of water. The bonus is that hydration is great for the summer heat.

Use That Free Time For a Check-Up

If your summer is more relaxed, use this time to take the family in for their six-month exam and cleaning. Waiting until the back-to-school season may mean you find yourself in the company of lots of other families trying to book an appointment.

Summer can still be fun and safe for your smile!

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