Advances in modern dentistry provide several treatment options that make it easier to save a tooth. When a dentist is faced with a heavily damaged tooth or one severely infected, they will consider all available treatment options to try to save the tooth. A dentist’s priority is always the health of the entire smile and the overall health of the patient. There are times when a tooth can simply not be saved. A dental extraction becomes necessary when the tooth is too damaged to salvage, an infection is too severe, or if the tooth is having negative effects on the rest of your smile. 

Damage and Decay

A damaged tooth can sometimes be repaired or restored with some form of restorative treatment. Doing so can protect it from further damage or decay. If there is not enough salvageable tooth left, an extraction may become necessary to restore the smile.  Oftentimes, decay can be treated before it becomes so severe that it puts your other teeth in danger. However, if treatment is not done and tooth decay is allowed to progress, the affected tooth may need to be extracted to stop the spread of infection.

Severe Infection

A person’s overall health is inconsideration when deciding whether or not to extract a tooth, particularly if harmful bacteria has reached the pulp of the tooth. The inner pulp of a tooth has abundance of arteries supervising blood flow that can spread infection to other parts of your body. When someone’s health is already compromised due to chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, or cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, an infection can be dangerous. Extraction may be necessary to protect the overall health. Periodontitis, which is the most advanced form of periodontal disease, can cause infection to the gums that can be so severe that the bone supporting your teeth can deteriorate. In this situation, an extraction may be needed.

Extracting a tooth is always left as a left resort

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