Teeth do a lot of work for your body, so they need to be able to endure pressure from biting and chewing. The outside of teeth, the enamel, is one of the strongest substances in your body. Enamel needs to be strong to be able to protect teeth without being damaged or worn down through your daily activities. Enamel also needs to stay strong to fend off harmful bacteria and tooth decay. Once enamel is lost to erosion, it cannot be regrown. It can be restored through dentistry to protect the rest of your tooth, but the enamel that was lost cannot return or regenerate. So, how can you keep your enamel strong enough to do its job and fend off bacteria? There are two important ways to do so: eat a healthy amount of key nutrients and keep your smile clean through a good hygiene routine. 

Getting Essential Nutrients

Your body, as a whole, needs nutrients and minerals to function. Tooth enamel is mostly comprised of minerals, like calcium and phosphate. To keep your teeth fortified and resilient, your body needs to keep getting these minerals. Eating a diet rich in calcium can help your teeth stay strong and healthy. A diet poor in essential nutrients can cause your teeth and enamel to weaken over time.

The Importance of Good Hygiene

Whether your teeth are strong or weak, they will get attacked by harmful bacteria left behind in your mouth after meals, snacks, or drinks. Your daily oral hygiene routine of brushing and flossing can help prevent acid from forming to attack your teeth and gums. Keeping plaque from building up and attacking your enamel in the first place is a good way to keep the defenses strong. The less your enamel is attacked, the stronger it can stay, and the longer it can protect your smile.

Strong enamel helps to protect your teeth

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