The Halloween candy aisles have been filling the grocery stores since September. This week, your children are probably bringing home lots of candy from school. You might even be running into big bowls of candy in the office. With all this candy around, how do you keep yours and your family’s smiles healthy? How do you keep all the tricks from becoming tricks on your teeth? Depriving yourself and your family usually results in overindulgence. Moderation is a key part of keeping your smile healthy in the face of all this sugar. We have compiled a few other tips to help you keep healthy smiles this Halloween. 

Limit Your Time With The Treats

Lingering sugar is the most problematic for teeth because it gives bacteria time to feast on the sugar and cause tooth decay. Hard candy or suckers that last a long time in the mouth lead to more issues than candy that can be chewed and digested. Rather than extending treats as multiple snacks, it is better to have candy right after a meal. The candy can join any carbohydrates or sugar from the meal rather than adding another candy snack to the day.

Avoid Sticky Candy

Sticky substances can stick to the teeth and be hard to remove. Consider taffy, chewy caramel, toffee, or other sticky candy to be a very rare treat. Aim for candy that dissolves quickly without attaching to the teeth.

Chew Sugar Free Gum

Sugar free gum can help to induce saliva and rinse away harmful leftovers and bacteria. Some sugar free gums have come a long way with sweet flavors that may be able to give you that sense of a treat without completely succumbing to harmful candies.

Keep Up With Your Routine

Everyone should brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day. This is especially important while you are giving into Halloween treats. Be sure to keep up your good hygiene routine, stick with your dental appointments, and drink plenty of water!

Do you have more questions about keeping your mouth healthy?

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