Porcelain veneers have a reputation of being a cookie-cutter way to update your smile. This is based on a common misconception because porcelain veneers can be customized to suit your needs. Your perfect smile is one that makes you feel confident not one that looks like everyone else’s idea of ‘perfect.’ Porcelain veneers are thin shells that are applied directly to the front enamel of your teeth. Veneers can cover a wide variety of issues that may make you feel insecure about your smile. The veneers are designed to look like natural teeth to give you a very lifelike smile upgrade. 

Issues To Address

What one person may consider to be a flaw, you may consider the quality that makes you special. A flaw is only a flaw if it keeps you from confidently smiling. If you find yourself covering your mouth when you laugh or speak or only take pictures with a closed-mouth grin, you may have some smile issues that you need to address. Large gaps in your teeth can be covered with porcelain veneers. If you have multiple areas with chips and cracks, veneers can bring the tooth back to their unchipped appearance. Teeth that are asymmetrical, jagged, or varying sizes can be smoothed and evened out with veneers. Intrinsic staining (discoloration from within the tooth) cannot be removed even with professional whitening. Veneers can give you that bright smile you are looking for.

Customization and Placement

You and your dentist can discuss and build your perfect smile. The porcelain shells can be crafted to meet your desired outcome. Depending on the state of your teeth, the preparation of your natural teeth could be extensive. The tooth may need to be trimmed down or altered, but that is not always necessary. Once the tooth is primed, the veneers will be permanently applied to the enamel. The porcelain is similar in structure and durability to a natural tooth. This means there is no extra care needed, but chewing on ice or hard surfaces could cause damage.

Are you ready for a smile upgrade?

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