Have you ever gotten a diagnosis of a cavity or gingivitis from your dentist despite your vigilant oral hygiene routine? During your routine cleaning, has the dental hygienist told you that there are some spots you seem to be neglecting? Certain areas are commonly missed by many people during brushing, so you are not alone. However, missing these spots during brushing can lead to a buildup of bacteria, plaque, and tartar. Even skipping just one part of your mouth can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Here are some basics on making sure you effectively brush: 

Brush All Sides Of The Teeth

The most commonly neglected area of the teeth is on the inside facing the tongue. People tend to be very good about brushing the front of their teeth, but tend to forget about the surfaces that they cannot see. During your brushing session, it is important to brush every tooth and every surface that you can.

Brush For At Least Two Minutes

Another common problem is that people tend to brush too quickly. Brushing too quickly often means that you did not get a chance to reach every surface of the teeth. It also could mean that you did not adequately spend time in each area. There are some toothbrushes that come equipped with timers that may help you reach that two-minute minimum.

Applying The Right Pressure

It is common for people to brush too softly or even too hard. Like Goldilocks, you are looking for something just right. The right pressure is when it feels comfortable, the bristles do not crush, but your teeth feel clean afterward. Just rubbing the teeth softly with a toothbrush will not clean away bacteria, and brushing too hard can cause irritation to your gums. Short strokes allow you to apply the right pressure and also get in between the teeth. Flossing twice daily can also ensure that you get the areas between your teeth clean.

Talk to your dentist about your brushing method

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