A toothache can feel like it came out of nowhere. One minute, you feel fine and the next minute you are dealing with some serious pain. Toothaches can be caused by several different things. Some of these causes can be serious, some can be not-so-serious, and some causes can be not-so-serious with potential to quickly turn into serious. How do you know which of these three blurry categories does your toothache fall under? When can it wait and when is it necessary to get into to see the dentist as soon as possible?

Dulling The Pain Does Not Fix The Problem

The pain from most toothaches can be treated with an over-the-counter pain reliever. However, if the source of the pain is not treated, it is likely that the pain will return. Over time, depending on what the source of the pain is, the pain may actually get worse. If the pain is caused by a cavity, the decay can deepen causing an infection. Infections can spread to other parts of the body causing pain elsewhere besides the tooth.

A Little Pain Could Still Be A Big Issue

Early tooth decay rarely causes pain. Before it reaches the inner pulp and nerves of a tooth, a cavity may not cause you much problem at all. You may only feel it when you eat something cold or sugary. If you notice any sort of change in your tooth or pain, it is best to talk to your dentist. Early treatment of a cavity or broken tooth can prevent the need for root canal treatment or extraction. Waiting to see your dentist can leave your tooth vulnerable to more damage or deepening of decay. As time goes on, the more pain may increase and the solution may be less easy.

Call your dentist when you have a toothache

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