One of the biggest astronomical events in a decade will happen on August 21st: a total solar eclipse. The last time that a total solar eclipse happened over this much of America was in the year 1979. A complete solar eclipse is a moment when the moon, sun, and earth all line up causing the moon’s shadow to cover the appearance of the sun. To see the moon’s path completely obscure the sun, you must be within the path of totality. The path of totality is a thin ribbon stretching only about 70 miles wide spanning across the United States. The path of totality will not be over North Texas, so our viewing will be of a partial solar eclipse. The eclipse will last just a couple of minutes. It is extremely important that you not look directly into the sun during a partial solar eclipse. Severe damage can be done to your eyes. Special eclipse glasses can be worn to protect your eyes. Regular sunglasses will not provide the protection needed. Special eclipse glasses can be found at museums, schools, and local library. During the Mansfield Public Library Social Eclipse Viewing, the special glasses can be checked out directly from the library. The library’s event is free and requires no registration to attend.


Mansfield Public Library
104 S. Wisteria
Mansfield, TX 76063


Monday, August 21, 2017 – 11:30am to 2:45pm. The maximum eclipse time will be at approximately 1:10pm. 



For more information:

Contact Yolanda Botella, the Youth Services Librarian.

Mansfield Dental Associates hope you have a safe and fun eclipse viewing!

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